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Here are some Frequently asked questions that you may find useful. If you can't find the answers you're looking for, use the button below to access the enquiry form.

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Is there an age limit?

No.  There is no upper age limit but you must be aged 18 before 23 October 2017 when the training course starts.

Why do applicants have to live within the Avon Fire & Rescue Service area?

There are many reasons for this.  An important aspect of the Fire-fighter role is to work within the community.  If you live within our area you will have a better understanding of our communities and this will assist you within the role.  In addition, Fire-fighters are required to work at any of our Fire Stations and it has proven difficult in the past if Firefighters live outside of the travel to work area. 

How can I check if I live in the Avon Fire & Rescue Service Area?

Our service covers Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset (BANES), South Gloucestershire and North Somerset. If you live on the boundary line we will accept your application. If after checking the map using the button below, you remain uncertain as to whether you live within the designated area please contact our HR Team using the link to the enquiry form at the top of this page.

If I move to the Service area can I apply?

You will need to be able to provide evidence that you live in our Service area at the application stage in early May 2017 and at each stage of the selection process. 

I am a Fire-fighter in another Service, can I apply to transfer?

We are not accepting transfers.  However, if you live within the service area you are eligible to apply for the vacancies alongside all other applicants and will be required to complete the full training course.

Why are we encouraging applications from women and people from BME backgrounds?

At Avon Fire & Rescue Service we think it’s important our workforce is representative of the communities we serve so we are encouraging applications from groups currently under-represented within the workforce, particularly women and people from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) backgrounds.

At the moment only 4.9% of our fulltime firefighters are women and 4.4% from BME backgrounds – both well below the averages in our area.

We will be taking additional steps to ensure we raise awareness of firefighting as a career among under-represented groups as we want the very best people to be our next generation of firefighters. It’s about ensuring the pool of talent we have to choose from is as wide as possible and encouraging people to apply who perhaps never thought a career in the fire and rescue service is for them.

Once an application is made every candidate will be considered on merit, regardless of their background.

I have a medical condition, can I still apply?

We employ Fire-fighters who have medical conditions.  However, there are some significant medical conditions which could potentially preclude you from becoming a Firefighter.  If you wish to discuss this confidentially please contact one of our HR Team by e-mail or phone on 01179 262061.  However, whilst HR can provide general advice the final decision can only be made by a Doctor at the medical stage of the selection process.  If you pass all stages of the selection process you will be invited to complete a health questionnaire and attend a medical.  The Occupational Health Doctor or Nurse will help us determine if you are fit to safely become a Firefighter. 

Do I have to provide evidence of my Maths & English qualifications?

Yes, these will be required at the application stage.  If you do not have your certificates you will need to undertake the full suite of written tests.

I have a criminal conviction, will this prevent me from applying?

If your criminal conviction is spent then this will not preclude you from applying.  If your conviction is not spent we will consider the nature of the conviction and any impact upon employment on a case by case basis.  If you wish to discuss your situation in confidence with a member of our HR Team please call us on 0117 9262061.

I have points on my driving licence, can I still apply?

We will accept 3 points on your licence.  Your driving licence will be checked with the DVLA if you are offered a position. 

What shifts do Fire-fighters work?

The current shift patterns are normally 2 days (8am-5pm) followed by 2 nights (5pm-8am) and then 4 days off.  The only exception is Yate Fire Station which will operate a day duty system only.

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