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Preparing for the physical tests

To be a firefighter you will need to have a good overall standard of fitness. As part of the recruitment process there will be series of physical and fitness tests so we have worked with our Station Fitness Advisor to put together some exercises you can do now in order to prepare yourself.

Farmer's walk

  1. Stand between the dumbbells with your feet approximately hip width apart. Adjustments can/should be made based on personal preference as well as equipment being used (Kettlebells or barbells for example)
  2. Grab the centre or just slightly behind the centre of the handles and squeeze as hard as possible. For beginners use a grip that keeps the handles parallel to the ground.
  3. Once your grip is set take a breath into your stomach and lower back. Engage your lats by pulling your shoulders back to your hips and pull your hips down until you feel you have created the maximum amount of tension. If you are having trouble with this step try repeating a few times by setting your breath, lats, and hips, then releasing and repeating until you find the position most comfortable to you.
  4. Drive your heels through the ground, squeeze your glutes and keep your shoulders back until you are standing tall then start walking.
  5. Always step heel to toe, not up on the balls of your feet like a sprinter. The length of your stride should be approximately heel to toe, then as you progress down the course you can open up your stride.
  6. Your overall body position while moving down the course should be tall but with a slight lean to help propel yourself and the weight forward.
  7. While going into the turn slow down approximately 10-20% of your top end speed, but as soon as you are pointing straight back up the course speed up.

Lat pulldown's

  1. Grab the bar or rope with a grip that is narrower than shoulder width, with palms neutral or facing backwards.
  2. Sit on the seat and make sure your legs are sitting comfortably under the support rollers and place feet firmly on the ground. At this point the weight in the stack goes up.
  3. Straighten your back and without leaning back pull the bar until it touches your chest. Concentrate on squeezing the back muscles once you are in this position. Stay in this position for a couple of seconds for a maximum contraction. You should exhale during this part of the movement.
  4. After a couple of seconds of contracting your shoulder blades together, slowly raise the bar back to the starting position until your arms are fully extended and the back muscles are fully stretched. Inhale during this part of the movement.
  5. Repeat the movement for up to 15 repetitions.

Running form

Follow these instructions to ensure your running form is on point.


Keep your head steady, your eyes focused straight ahead and your jaw loose.


Relax your shoulders and make soft fists with your hands. With each stride, drive your elbow back while swinging your arms straight through (not across your body).


Keep everything (chest, stomach, pelvis) facing the direction you’re heading to avoid twisting the body.


Aim to land on your midfoot (not up on your toes or striking with your heel), concentrating on hitting the ground as lightly as possible. Kick your heel straight behind on the backswing and drive your knee up on take-off.

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