Anthony Aberdeen

I’m Firefighter Anthony Aberdeen and I’ve been with the Service for 11 and a half years.

I’ve always liked doing something quite active and helping people so I figured this job would combine the two and yes, it’s met my expectations.

I get out there, meet the community helping them in every way, whether that’s putting out a fire or rescuing them from a car, going into schools talking to kids, talking to adults telling them about the job and what we do. It’s been extremely fulfilling.

It’s when the system goes down and the adrenalin starts pumping. When you hear there’s a fire, especially, it makes me excited and ready to do something.

Anyone can do this – there is a big responsibility, especially driving because you have everyone’s lives in your hands, as well as everyone else that you’re trying to rescue.

People look at the job and they might think they won’t be able to do it but all I can say is ‘yes you can’ do that job. You may doubt yourself as a person, but they teach you so many skills and values. The people that you work with bring out the best in you and that’s how you get your confidence. 

With me I’ve learnt so many skills and made a lot of friends and it’s brought the best out of me as a person.

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Joining Avon Fire & Rescue Service has fulfilled one of my life long ambitions and I can’t wait to get on to station and begin progressing my career.
For anyone thinking of joining the fire service, I would say yes you can. There is no reason why anybody couldn’t join the fire service. It is probably the best thing I have done.
"I’ve learnt a lot about team work, a lot about integrating myself into a community of people that maybe I wouldn’t have had exposure to before now. "